The Cologne (or Perfume) Opener

The sense of smell is tied strongly to our memories. In fact, some researchers suggest that the sense of smell is the most evocative sense we have. When interacting with people, the way that you smell can make or break an interaction. With the Cologne Opener, you can open a set while obtaining valuable information and critiques.

Before you even go out, find two colognes, perfumes or scents and put one on each wrist and bring a pen with you. Sometimes it is better to already start with some votes on your wrist. This way, it seems like you have been asking people already which will make the set you approach more comfortable – the power of social proof!

YOU: Hey guys, I want your opinion on something. See, I have two different colognes on my wrists, and I want to see which one you like better.

Side Note: No one is particularly comfortable with you shoving your wrist in their face, so smell your wrist first and then ease it over to them.

YOU: The reason I’m asking is that I have so many colognes from over the years and I want to give some away and keep the best ones.

After someone selects their preferred scent, you take out your pen and make a mark on your wrist, next to the others.

YOU: Thanks. This one has won over and over!

Side Note: You can do this entire routine without saying anything. This works especially well in loud clubs. Simply mark the tally’s for the colognes down on your wrist, above the tally’s write “cologne #1” and on the other wrist “cologne #2.” Approch the group, make eye contact and wave to get their attention. Don’t walk up and touch them to get their attention, and don’t walk up from behind! Show them your writsts, giving them a moment to read what you’ve written and notice the tallys. Smell one wrist then the other and gesture to make a tally with your pen. At this point the group will usually play along.

From here you can use the technique called bridging to move the conversation forward.

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