Knowing Your City Can Change Your Dating Life

What do you know about the world around you?

It could be your biggest advantage in the dating game.

Students on the path to mastering the social matrix must know their environment.

The better an understanding the student has, the easier it will be to set up dates, meetings, and events that your dates will actually be interested in.

1. Get to know your city.
2. Learn to make recommendations
3. Don’t go on dates; go on adventures.

To find great places to visit, use websites like and apps like foursquare.

The key is to constantly explore.

Practice weekly expeditions into the world.

After each expedition think about the places you visited, how they made you feel, and what you liked about them. This will help you generate stories when you’re out making recommendations.

A good recommendation can change the nature of a conversation, because it shows knowledge of the world, it shows identity, and it adds value to the other person’s day.

It also shows that you are an interesting person who lives an interesting life. This is huge and separates you from everyone else.

Knowing how to give a good recommendation is something that must be learned.

Start by paying attention to how people respond to the recommendations you offer. If someone seems excited about a particular recommendation, then it’s probably a good place to invite them if you want to meet up again.

Don’t tell people how they should feel about a recommendation. Instead, try telling them a story that takes them there and allows them to react emotionally to your experience.

Once you’re on a date, try to string two or three interesting venues together.

Moving from place to place helps you and the person you’re on a date with feel more connected.

At the end of the day, the goal is to find a few places where you and your date can express yourselves while also providing an exciting experience that you’ll both remember.

Be the guy everyone wants to know.

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