How To Find A Great Wingman


Do you ever feel like you need a friend? A partner?

Are you more motivated in a team?

Do you enjoy buddy cop movies?

Nothing can motivate you to up your Game like an excellent wingman.

In the early days of the Game, we not only had a wingman, we had a whole team of guys going out, challenging each other, and having a ton of fun.

It’s not only more fun to have a wingman, but having on gives you that extra bit of help and motivation whenever you need it. That’s why it’s important to find a person or group that you can go out with.

  • Someone who’s there to enjoy a night of practice with you.
  • Someone to share your stories with.
  • Someone to help you push past your sticking points.
  • Someone to make the night fun when it seems like everything’s going down-hill.
  • Someone who can push you to do your best.

If you don’t already have an awesome wingman, you’re probably missing this core element:

If you want a great wingman, then you have to become a great wingman yourself.

This is an important principle to understand in all aspects of your life, especially dating.

Inner Game teaches us that you have to be whatever you want to attract to yourself.

If you want to attract a gorgeous, confident, fun person into your life, then you have to develop yourself into a sexy, confident, fun human being.

It’s a basic principle of the universe. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. To every action, there is always opposed an equal reaction. You have to give what you get. Things don’t just appear out of nowhere.

The person of your dreams isn’t going to appear out of nowhere. Not until you are ready for them.

The same thing is true for friends and wingmen.

If you want an awesome, supportive wingman hitting the streets with you, challenging you, and helping you become the life of the party and that confident, seductive person you know you can be, then you need to be one yourself.

But being the perfect wingman can be tough, that’s why I want to share a few tips with you to help you improve your wingmanship skills.

1. Know your strengths and weaknesses. One goal of the wingman relationship is to assist in places where your partner is lacking. To do this, you have to know what your sticking points are. Discuss this before you go out, try to come up with some possible solutions before you go out.

2. Learn partner-based routines. There are a ton of great bar-cons and illusions that require a partner. There’s no reason not to learn one or two; they’re fantastic, fun, and everyone loves them.

3. Learn from each other. After a night of practice with a wingman, spend time debriefing. Discuss what it is that you could have done better, and what went well. This time of self-reflection is hugely important.

4. Experiment. Having a wingman is ideal for experimentation because if the routine doesn’t go smoothly, your wingman can help dig you out. Just be sure to let him know what you’re going to be testing, so it doesn’t catch him off guard.

5. Being a wingman takes practice. You have to learn to work as a team, and that takes time. Don’t give up on someone after a night or two of practice. If both of you are flexible, creative, and persistent in your practice, you’ll do well.

Remember, if you want to find an awesome wingman you have to be an awesome wingman.

Whatever you want to get out of life, be it first.

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