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When you’re out practicing you never know what’s going to happen.

I remember when we were teaching a bootcamp in LA, and one of the students was terrified that if he approached a woman he was interested in, that some boyfriend/brother/husband would come and beat him up.

For the most part this fear is unwarranted. When you make an approach, it shouldn’t appear as though you’re interested in anyone romantically. This helps make the group comfortable with you, and allows you to ask the questions and make the observations that give you enough info on the group to make informed social choices.

The Sneak calmly explained, “In 10 years of teaching this stuff, we’ve never seen that happen. To prove it,” he said, “I’ll approach and you watch. Nothing bad will happen.”

But, of course, this was the one night in our careers where an angry boyfriend stepped into the picture and started getting loud – like really loud.

The student was freaked out, as all his worst fears were being realized.

The Sneak kept his cool, and called me over, the two of us maintained a positive frame and used the same social skills that he would when talking to someone he was attracted to, to defuse the situation.

A big part was simply shifting the focus of the opener to the guy, pulling the attention off the woman he was with: “Well, let me ask you the same question,” The Sneak said, and then followed up by repeating the opener.

A few minutes later the guy apologized, and we went to deal with our stressed out student.

But here’s the awesome part…

The student wasn’t stressed out anymore. He explained that seeing how easily a tense situation could be defused, gave him confidence, that even if something happened he could talk his way out of the situation.

The next day, during our morning debrief he said that he’d made a number ofapproaches that night after the bit of chaos.

He’d watched the thing he most feared happen, and then watched it end withno real consequence.

Knowing a few simple social rules will help you be prepared for nearly any situation.

And if you’re out practicing, you will find yourself in some interestingsituations, some really good, and others not so good.

But if you know the simple ways in and out of conversations, how to keep calm when things get sticky, how to read someone, and how to find out what caused the problem in the first place, you’ll be able to diffuse nearly any social situation.

It’s really that simple.

All you need to know is the right thing to say.

If you find yourself feeling stuck on approaches or in the middle of sets, or you just can’t seem to move to the next place in conversation, then there’s only one thing left to do:

You need to learn from the best.

Neil Strauss is best in the world. He’s been honing his skills and techniques for over 15 years, and I’ve had the luck to be his number one student, training with him longer than anyone else on earth and coaching Stylelife students for the past decade.

Trust me when I say: we’ve seen and heard it all.

Together, we can get you past any sticking point you may have.

Even better, we can help you find that one piece of the puzzle you’re missing to help you reach your top personal dating goals.

More often than not, it’s something simple that you’re missing that can turn everything around.

If The Sneak and I hadn’t been trained, then that situation could have turned out very differently.

The right word, phrase, story, or routine at the right time will make all the difference.

We’ve collected all of the most powerful techniques and principles in the Stylelife Academy.

Obviously it’s the holidays, and we want you to start 2018 with an edge.

So we’ve put together our absolute favorite DHVs and routines into a single course, along with all our most powerful techniques in the Stylelife academy.

Plus we’ve added that personal touch that makes all the difference:

One-on-one personal coaching from me, included every month, absolutely free.

I have students pay over $10,000 just to spend time with me over a weekend to help them with their game.

Now you can have that same kind of personal attention, plus all of Neil’s greatest lessons, for just $97 a month in what we’re calling, the Stylelife Elite Membership.

But it’s Christmas time, so we wanted you to have it all.

The Elite membership will also come with a copy of our most popular course of all time, Neil’s Most Interesting Man in the Room DVD course.

Plus, you’ll get instant access to the Digital Wingman Forum where members around the world are posting their stories, field reports, and answering your most pressing questions.

The best part is, we’re all here to help.

This is a community.

We’ve all been there.

  • We’ve all been rejected.
  • We’ve all felt hopeless or frustrated.
  • We’ve all felt like we were missing something.

In the Stylelife community, you’ll be surrounded by members who will have stood in your shoes and have made the breakthroughs they’ve needed to date the people they’ve always desired and have the adventures you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll even get access to the man himself, Style, on his monthly Mastermind calls.

So all included, as an Elite Member you’re getting:

  • The Most Interesting Guy In the Room Course: (value $299) – Neil’s best-selling course ever where you’ll learn how to own any room and conversation. 
  • The Stylelife Academy: (value $997) All of Neil’s brand new, personally crafted lessons in attraction, dating, social skills, and sex unlocked every month giving you the foundation that everyone should have to be successful in their love life.
  • Stylelife Coaching Calls: (value $500) Evolve (that’s me) will call you and coach you 1-on-1 to help you with your sticking points – this used to only be available at our $2500 bootcamps – our most powerful and personal solution ever.
  • The Stylelife 24/7 Digital Wingman: Communicate instantly with your peers and coaches on your Digital Wingman App – Live 24/7 help in our private chat room and help hotline. Students absolutely love the ideas they’re getting here.
  • The Esoteric Arts Handbook: Learn how to use cold reading, astrology, tarot and a variety of other esoteric arts to bolster your seductive skills.
  • Mastermind Coaching Calls with Neil Strauss – Each month, Neil will get on a call with the Stylelife Community to answer student questions and dissolve sticking points, and teach the latest tips and tools for self-improvement.

These programs would typically cost over $1000 to access individually.

As a Christmas bonus, we’re allowing you to get in, and stay in for just $97.

And yes, that price lasts for as long as you remain a member.

And yes, that price includes a live, personal, one-on-one coaching call with me every single month.


Because the students I have seen make the biggest progress in the shortest amount of time in 2017 have all been in my private coaching calls.

Watch the videos, read the books, and get on the phone with me.

Together, we’re going to make 2018 the best year of your dating life.

Happy Holidays,


P.S.  The $97 offer only lasts for as long as coaching call spots remain open.

Only the first 25 students are guaranteed a spot.

Get in now.

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