3 Texting Techniques You Should Memorize

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Whether you got the number during a cold approach or from a dating app like Tinder – texting can be frustrating.

Unfortunately, in today’s world texting a date is unavoidable.

So, here are 3 techniques you should memorize to improve your texting skills:

1. The “Either, Or” Text:

The brain is hardwired to make decisions, so giving someone a choice between 2 things causes them to instinctively choose one or the other.

This is a great messaging technique to use on apps like Tinder, but it can also be used to set up a date with a person over the phone.

Here are some examples:

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Beer or cocktails?
Vampires or Werewolves?

The purpose of these texts is to generate a quick response that leads to a date. Let’s say that your potential date replies to “Chocolate or Vanilla” with by saying, “Chocolate.”

You might reply, “I’m going to have to prove you wrong. There’s a Jenni’s just up the street are you free Friday night?”

If you’ve played your cards right, this texting dialogue will end you up on a date in very little time.

3. The Save-it Text:

A text is a bridge from when you first connect to when you meet up in person. The purpose of texting is not more texting.

Just texting someone is not your goal.  Your goal is to see them in real life.

That said, try to have most of your conversations in person. Use this when a topic comes up that requires a regular back-and-forth over text.

If you already have a date planned, then the “save it” text looks like this:

“I want to have a longer conversation about that, let’s discuss when we meet up.”

If you don’t already have a date planned then it would look like this:

“I want to have a longer conversation about that. I’m headed to [venue] this Thursday night @ 8 pm. Come along, and we’ll talk.”

This text kills three birds with one stone.
1) It reinforces/sets-up the date.
2) Shows that you’re interested in conversation.
3) It gives you a topic to talk about on the date if there’s a lull in conversation or awkwardness at the start.

3. The Logistics Text:

One of the most important parts of texting someone is making it easy for them to meet up with you for a date. After all, that’s the point of getting the phone number. This particular text is something that’s come in very handy.

It’s simple: Give them a place, a piece of information that makes it easier for them to get there like where to park or what subway stop is closest. And then the time you’re going to meet. The point is to make it as easy as possible for them to show up.

Here’s the address: [address] There’s parking around back (or the closest stop is). I’ll be there @ [time].

Keep it short. Keep it simple. And make it clear.

Try it before your next date.

Memorize these 3 techniques and look for opportunities to use them this week.

Try to use all 3 with one person and see what happens.

For tons more tips and tricks for Tinder and Texting, check out our full Tinder and Digital Dating course.

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