Learn — and Party — with Style and the Gang!

On August 17 and 18, 2013, Stylelife is hosting a conference dedicated helping you become an “unstoppable social artist.” Plus, as a very special event, you’ll get to attend a VIP party with Style, the gang, and some of the highest quality women in Hollywood! This IS how you get really good with women in 2013 … So good that … Read More

Important Announcement from Style

It looks like there are STILL more people trying to figure out how Ingrid did the HEAT READING in the BlackOps video than people we sent the email to. I’ve realized that things aren’t going to calm down any time soon.(Going to post some of my favorite responses on the blog!) In fact the viral spread of this video may … Read More

Solid Escalation

This week, there’ve been a number of questions from the Attraction Amplification package. Below is a bonus clip from Style discussing solid game escalation.

Text Game

We had a great call on text game yesterday for members of the Stylelife Attraction Mastermind Group yesterday.  Keep an eye out for the summary from Style if you weren’t able to make the call, and continue the discussion on the message boards.

2012 World Conference

We’re pleased to announce that tickets to the 2012 World Conference are now available. It’s two days of non-stop learning with Style and his top coaches. Style’s been talking to us at the office about some of the new material he’ll be presenting – I can’t go into it all, but you don’t want to miss this. This will be … Read More

DHV – "The Game of Snaps"

adapted as a DHV by Topher and The Sneak For the longest time this game has been my secret routine. I’ve used it more times than I can remember to attract and challenge women. You can’t do it alone, but because of its value I ask that you only teach it to one other person. Choose the most trusted of … Read More


Since the challenge was “open 7 sets” I set out to just run openers, move on, and let the night unfold. Keeping the “3 second rule” in mind I opened my first set moments after entering the venue. A mixed set of 2 girls and 1 guy. I addressed the guy first, “Real quick, I have to hit the bar … Read More

How to Beat Your Approach Anxiety

Today your first PICK-UP ARTIST FACE-OFF MISSION stars – open 7 women and email your FIELD REPORT to me, academy@stylelife.com, by Monday at 12:00am PST! If you have anxiety about approaching one woman much less 7 in a row you need to watch Stylelife coach The Sneak’s “point of no return” trick to beating your approach anxiety for good… Stylelife … Read More


WHO’S THE BEST PICK-UP ARTIST? Stylelife coaches Evolve and The Sneak just returned from their PUA boot-camp world tour. Now… they’re at each others’ throats to see who’s the best PUA! Style declared they’ll battle it out in a PUA FACE-OFF. Here’s an inspirational video from each coach to get you pumped because you’ll be competing in this FACE-OFF too! … Read More

The Game has changed, and it's my fault.

My book The Game was far more successful than I ever  thought it would be. It helped change guys’ lives, but then something strange  happened: girls started reading it. Right now, I’m sitting with the most amazing girl  I’ve been dating, and since we’ve met, she’s heard one of my openers at least  once a week coming from a different … Read More