Fire Sale 2017 – Burning The Past

Remember last year when we dug into the storage space to do some spring-cleaning and we found something amazing…

Boxes and boxes (literally a whole pallet) of the old lessons from the early days of the Game.

Interviews with Mystery and other PUAs from the book.

Neil’s in-field notes and original routines and strategies.

Videos of actual PUAs teaching and performing their methods.

It was amazing stuff.

It was also way too controversial to ever produce again.

The material on those discs isn’t stuff we teach anymore.

As you may remember, we sold those discs for pennies on the dollar last year.

It was the biggest Fire Sale we’d ever had because we had to get rid of those old discs.

Well, now that we’ve cataloged all of our original material, and after receiving dozens of requests from readers, we’ve decided to do something special with these classic interviews and courses…

…Something that will make every collector very happy.

For a very limited time we’ve decided to put the last remaining of my original discs back on sale in one of a kind Collector’s Edition packs.

These classic Game discs are too much fun to simply hide away without giving my readers a chance to grab them one last time.

So we’ve created special packs that will give you access to my original and most controversial material for historical purposes only.

Plus we’re giving them away basically at cost, and we’ll even pay for the shipping.

We’ll even sign some of them.

These packs contain everything you can imagine from the early days of the Game.

There’s even a pack that includes our most controversial DVD set ever.

And I’d prefer that you take them and enjoy them for what they were: the wild and untamed sexual aspirations of man who hadn’t figured out his deeper self yet.

Grab a pack and I’ll even throw in a free month or more in our new Stylelife Academy where you’ll be able to see all the new, groundbreaking, deeper material that we’ve been developing.

Some of the things said on these discs are pretty hardcore and experimental,not the kind of stuff we would teach anymore.

But if you enjoyed reading The Game, The Rules of The Game, and The Truth, then I know you’ll enjoy the guilty pleasure of listening to these original PUA recordings.

So if you haven’t heard them yet, buy a Collector’s Edition now and complete your collection.

See how it all got started.

And please, tell no one about what you see on those discs.


P.S.  The Collector’s Edition packs start at $17, shipping included.

If you want a signed disc from Neil, be sure to buy the Total, Ultimate or VIP packs.

We may even throw in some other special bonuses.


These discs will never be produced again.

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