The Game has changed, and it's my fault.

My book "The Game" was far more successful than I ever thought it would be. It helped change guys' lives, but then something strange happened: girls started reading it.

Right now, I'm sitting with the most amazing girl I've been dating, and since we've met, she's heard one of my openers at least once a week coming from a different guy. I tell her to be nice to the guys, but she usually just laughs them out of the bar. All of her girlfriends and their girlfriends have also heard the same lines.

In the meantime , I see my top apprentices walking away with a girl or a group of girls for a night of fun -- without having to say the same old lines every time.

That's because I'm teaching them something new, something timeless, something that will never fade: How to be excellent in every way imaginable.

I learned, modeled, and invented the most effective elements of the game to guarantee maximum success with minimum rejection. But, like tax loopholes closing every year when the government catches on to the tricks, the game needs to be constantly refreshed, innovated, and updated. That's why I 've created the only flexible, continuous, customized system that can do this. And a private Academy where just a select number of men can learn it.

I have been working nonstop to put together the kind of learning program that I would have slit my wrist to have back when I was starting out in the game. No matter where you're at right now, whether you see yourself as shy or confident, alpha or beta, frustrated or successful, unattractive or good-looking, introverted or outgoing, it's a totally fool-proof system for acquiring my entire updated skillset, in a way that doesn't put a lot of pressure on you or your time.

Imagine every time you leave the house, having me whispering in your ear, leading you step by step through my new methodologies so that you can't get rejected.

Welcome to Style's Stylelife Academy Program!

I spent years learning the art of attraction and seduction by trial and error, until the error was gone. Now there is a whole new way to master the art that is uniquely custom-made for each individual. This new idea is so complete and intensive that you can now learn in days what might have taken years to get the same results.

Check out the complete breakdown of all the interactive tools, easy-to-understand learning material, step-by-step video and audio multimedia content, and interactive tools that I have waiting for you inside the Stylelife Academy ...

    We are going to teach you everything you need to know:

    1. You'll Get a Complete and Detailed Dating Analysis - Immediately after you enroll in the Stylelife Academy, you'll complete the Personal Profile Analysis - this is the first step to completely transforming your life and attracting beautiful women. This informative personality questionnaire will tell us exactly where you are today in your dating life, which of the eight personality types you fit into, and where you stand in the eyes of women.

    2. We'll Create a Customized Attraction Program Just for You - Based on the results of your personality test, we will generate a complete, custom-designed dating program, with daily missions that you can put into action at your own comfortable pace, tailored to your specific needs! You're going to transform yourself into the man you're destined to become. You'll gain a deeper understanding of who you are, and create a more stable, balanced, peaceful, and charismatic self that will radiate and attract people to you.

    3. Learn Step-by-Step, From Over 550 Field-Proven Lessons - I'm going to give you full access to my entire personal vault of information that I personally used to become acclaimed as the best seduction artist in the world:

  • CONQUER APPROACH ANXIETY - Most guys become quite anxious when just thinking about approaching a woman, because they're scared of being rejected, or looking dumb. I've created an entire course that will teach you how to abolish your approach anxiety once and for all. In a short period of time, you'll learn how to confidently walk up to a woman and start an interesting conversation that pique her interest, and leads into more meaningful conversations that will immediately start to build her attraction for you.

  • BE THE FUN, INTERESTING, ATTRACTIVE GUY - You're also going to need to know what to say and when to say it, so that you can start building attraction as quickly as possible. I've created two complete courses devoted to how to start conversations and tell amazing stories that will clearly convey your core values and strengths in the most effective way possible so that women want to get to know you better.

  • MAKE HER WANT YOU EVEN MORE - Once you have captured her interest, you want to build a deeper level of attraction. I'll teach you how to bond with her in such a deep way through a whole series of specific topics, techniques and routines, that she'll feel that meeting you was destiny.

  • ESCALATE TO TOUCHING AND KISSING - We all love to touch and be touched. But you have to know when, where and how to touch. I'll show you how to spot the hidden indicators of interest women display that most men never even know exist. You'll learn to read her body language, and posture to spot when she's ready to be touched. I'll also teach you how to confidently, yet politely escalate physical contact so that she develops an attraction for you can continue to build into a passionate seduction.

  • SETTING UP A DAY 2 AND BEYOND - Once you've developed attraction, you need to know the right steps to take if you want to secure a first date. I'll teach you a full routine for getting a woman's phone number, verifying it, and setting up a date. PLUS how to seed conversations to prevent flakes. PLUS, I'll walk you through everything you need to do to setup that date.

  •'ll learn how to Calibrate and Speed-Read Body Language, Demonstrate Strength and Leadership in the Field, How to Become the Master of Her World, How to Always Have A Better Response, the Secrets of Time Distortion, and much, MUCH more...

  • I have assembled OVER 550 EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND LESSONS that will teach you, step-by-step, EVERYTHING you need to learn, from the minute you walk in to a public place, to the minute after you've experienced the most amazing intimate encounter you could imagine.

    4. Watch and Listen to Over 60 Field Demonstrations - For some, written instructions may not be enough. You need to see these ideas and techniques in action, so you know HOW they work. This is where we really start to go deep and rip into my most critical techniques. The fluff and filler of instructional DVDs is a thing of the past. You'll get audio and video demonstrations of this stuff IN ACTION and in the field. As you saw in your Five Questions Demonstrating Higher Value Routine, the coaches and I have assembled the most complete multimedia collection of material you will find anywhere in the world.

    5. Monitor Your Progress - Think of this as your personal attraction success gauge. Our Personal Progress Monitoring system will allow you to track and measure your improvements, view your achievements, and help you move closer to your goals, 24/7 from anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection, of course.)

    6. Connect with Great People in Your Own VIP Community - You'll become part of an exclusive community filled with peers who are doing this with you. Friendships and bonds that last forever will be formed through this amazing brotherhood. You'll post questions and get answers from the Stylelife coaches, instructors, and other students who have faced and solved the same challenges you'll learn to overcome.

    7. The World's First Glossy Dating Master Magazine and Notes from Style's Desk - Not only is the monthly printed newsletter I've created packed with the latest tested openers and routines that only YOU will have, but it will be the only place to get the latest field reports from my life (which I no longer post publicly) and breakdowns of the seduction systems of brand new seduction and attraction stars I've found who put most of the guys in the community to shame... This stuff is exclusive to Stylelife members and will not be available anywhere else.

    8. My Secret Booster DVDs and CDs: Get a Monthly DVD or CD mailed to you from the Stylelife Mentors and me - Some "pickup" programs call this a "course." At the Stylelife Academy, they're just extra credit. For those who want to really buckle down and change their lives, every month you get a new lesson to take with you on the go, from the fundamentals of attraction to super-advanced seduction tech.

    9. Get Answers to Your Question LIVE, from Stylelife's Coaches - Our unique Flash Chat Office Hours Service will allow you to virtually meet with the best dating and attraction coaches in the world and get YOUR questions answered, LIVE. Have a sticking point or trouble with a mission? No problem - get direct, personal coaching three times a week if you want it.


The Stylelife Academy is going to be your secret resource for super charging your social life. So when you're at the club in a few weeks, dominating the social scene, and holding court with three stunning women who are absolutely captivated and aroused at your demeanor and confidence, you'll grin and thank Stylelife.

When you're walking away from that beautiful yet shy girl at the bookstore, her number safely in your cell phone, her sultry voice echoing in your ears, and the image of her demurely biting her lower lip burned in your mind, you'll thank Stylelife.

And, when you're at the coffee shop and the gorgeous woman in workout clothing you just met is gently hitting your arm every time you make her laugh, and mischievously alluding to being "naughty" half an hour later, you'll set up a drink date with her for later that night and thank Stylelife!


If you decide to try the Stylelife Academy today, you'll receive these invaluable bonuses:

    Additional Benefits of Style's Stylellife Program:
    A Welcome "Power-Starter" Kit that prepares you for your first night out as a Stylelife Student, including an orientation to the Academy, motivators to get you out in the field scooping up phone numbers, the infamous Stylelife dog tag as a prop, and a special surprise for the bedroom.
    A 30% Discount for 1 Stylelife Seminar or Workshop. Welcome to a new type of LIVE in-field learning for Academy members only, where the finishing touches will be put on your skillset, style, game, charisma, body language, and identity.

Maybe you've dreamed about the kind of success you've read about in the field reports in "The Game", or the kind of success you've seen guys have at school, at work, on TV, or in the seduction community. And the good news is that it doesn't take brain surgery to get there. It just takes a mentor who's not only been there, but who after turning countless guys into superstars with women knows how to take someone else there. It is time for you to turn you into the kind of confident, experienced guy who not only doesn't have trouble meeting and attracting women anywhere anytime, but is actually in a position to possibly mentor your friends or children.

This revolutionary speed-learning program is meant to get you out in the cafes, bars, streets, clubs, subways, restaurants, hotels in the most risk-free way possible, with the biggest no-fail safety net there is -- which is me watching your back the whole way.

Here is just a sampling of just some of the things you're going to find inside the Academy:

    * Over 25 ways to blast past approach anxiety once and for all! *Swoop down into set after set once you've been exposed to the Limiting Mind/Freedom Mind process. *Try out the High Octane Opener in a club and watch her giggle and straightaway give you DDB! * Pick up the 9 principles to mastering body language. * Learn the 11 ways to get her to chase you with the astonishing Stylelife Q/DQ Techniques *Pass Her Tests - And Learn how to test HER to amp up her attraction to you. * Outrageous games you can play that make you the coolest guy in the room.
    *Stay out of the "Friend Zone" by keeping the sexual tension pumped up with Synch Technology. * Never run out of material again with our summary cards and pocket guides. * Become a conversational artist using the "Ebb and Flow" system. * Turn the critical first 5 minutes of an interaction into a never-fail science with our new approach technology. *.See how using Intrigue Hoops can be your passport to her heart...and more. * Do the Aristocrat assignment to learn how to be more spontaneous...and get away with saying anything. *11 vocal exercises to give you that irresistible alpha voice. *How to polish and convey a unique identity. *Use the Nice Guy/Bad Boy principle to transport yourself directly to ultraconfidence. *Use The Tag Along principle for setting up a day2 -- as close to a sure thing as it gets. * Use Dodecakino to go from a simple handshake to a kiss in 3 minutes flat. * Learn Style's newest Calibration technology that gets her juiced up with stunning speed. It's entirely new since The Game came out, and it is the basis for Style's game today.
    * How to get past the Hook Point. * How to challenge her and qualify her...instead of her doing it to you. *Use Style’s inner-circle "Discount Magic," "Short Cons," and "Rigged Bets" with everyday objects to dazzle her and her friends. * 7 proven ways to set up a date and prevent her from flaking on you. *Learn Cold Reading and Warm Reading...The secret weapon to entering into her mind. *Dozens specific tips on everything from stylish clothes basics to putting together a look that matches your identity. * 18 proven methods to amp up commonalities and turn strangers into soulmates. * 10 ebooks, missions, and video demos on Kino and escalating touch to electrify her desire for you. * How to move beyond scripts, routines, and canned material to being a spontaneous "natural."

I believe that learning the game should be open to anybody - not just those who can afford $2200 workshops. And now that I'm not bound by the film option for The Game anymore, I'm free to help the guys who need it most.

So I've decided to offer this whole system for $19.95/week.

Everything I just described -- newsletters, CDs, missions, ebooks, videos, audio, the best of the best of the latest techniques -- will cost you the price of lunch for two at Denny's or your local diner.

Would you be willing to give up lunch once a week to completely change the way the world sees you?

You can pass this up now if you think there's another deal out there that might better suit you, or you think you can find something better or even cheaper. But that means that tomorrow is going to be the same as today is going to be the same as yesterday and every other day before it.

However, if you click on the "Start My Program" button now, then the adventure starts immediately and by this time tomorrow, your life will actually have taken a  sharp turn into a much more wonderful and exciting place.

This is one of those moments where your life really can change based on the decision you make right now. If you put it off, you have no one to blame but yourself - again. But if you go through with it, if you actually do this, you will be one of those guys sharing the stories of all-nighters with beautiful women that other guys will be pounding one out to alone. Remember: there is no risk. There is no downside. You can stop whenever you want. Life awaits. I await. She awaits.

Are you ready to invest into your future? See you on the other side...

Because of resource limitations we can offer this program
for limited time for only

(that's $85.5 billed monthly for your convenience, plus a one-time $50 materials/enrollment fee.)
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I strongly believe that The Stylelife Academy can help you dramatically - and measurably - improve your success with women.

But if you are unhappy with your plan for any reason, we offer you the following option with no questions asked: You may cancel your membership at any time. Stylelife has helped so many people change their lives. I urge you to take advantage of our many resources and I sincerely believe that we can help you reach your goals as well.

My best wishes for your success.

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What People Are Saying About Stylelife:

Warning: The following testimonial is Rated X - not for the underage or prudish.

Ok, I've been a member of the Stylelife Acadmey for about 2.5 months and ever since I signed up my life has changed drastically. Before reading THE GAME, I was as frustrated as they came. I couldn't land a date for the life of me. Before all this I had nothing, I just watched as really pretty girls would give me Indicator's of Interest and then pass me by. I also drank a lot in an attempt to lubricate social situations. And the friends I hung out with did the same and got nowhere. Now that I'm with SLA, my life has changed in incredible ways. After doing the meet the neighbors mission, I now know all of my neighbors and they love me (especially the attractive women that live in the hood) I meet really nice girls all the time. I've been out on dates and had amazing the amount of time I use to think was unobtainable! Every time I'm out I get Indicators of Interest from smoking hot babes! Even though I still have a few sticky points, I feel like I developed superpowers and can sense things about women that I wasn't able to before. My old friends have just melted away as I have become more social and I've met a lot of new friends. I used to suffer from social anxiety but that is pretty much gone. My sleep pattern is better from following the sleep diet. I am healthier from going to the gym. I've even developed my spirituality. I am reading a lot more especially about developing Demonstration of Higher Values. My grades at school are better and I feel great! I really start to tear up when I think of all the positive changes that the SLA has initiated me to change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

From "Easyrider126" - Stylelife Student

"I know it is nearly impossible for you to be reading this, but Style, if you are reading this, I just wanted to say thank you; you have no idea how much you have helped change my life. I have had dreams come true this year, and although I made it happen, you were my influence and invisible mentor."

From Fieldname "Maquina" - Stylelife Participant
(And expect the impossible.)

WOW. Before this month, I had never approached a woman or been on a date. I just had 3 dates in 3 days and I have more numbers to follow up on."

From Fieldname "Diabolical" - Stylelife Participant

I was unemployed at 1pm Tuesday. At around 1:30pm I sent out an application to be a music teacher.

At around 2pm the principle of that school invites me to be interviewed.

8:15am of Wednesday morning I'm shaking his hand after the words, "Welcome to the team" leave his mouth.

Thursday I signed my contract.

School starts Monday.

10 years ago I decided that I wanted to be a band teacher. My dream is realized. I have my dream job.

I would personally like to thank the Stylelife Academy for giving me the tools to work on my confidence. I knew I had the job before the interview.

You guys... if you really put time and effort into your dreams, they will come true.

From Fieldname "Dwizzite" - Stylelife Student

"Okay I must say I was a little skeptical of Stylelife Academy....but the Stylelife Academy is for real...Style and his team is 100% behind us Academy members. We are truly part of something amazing."

From Fieldname "Torsion" - Stylelife Participant

"Let me just say that this has been probably the most pivotal month of my entire life. I look at things totally differently now, and have a great new attitude towards not just approaching and meeting women, but life in general. Everything from how I dress and groom myself, to how I interact with friends is changed. Even how I conduct my business, and how I've begun naturally chatting with random strangers, is all brand new and exciting. My confidence is sky-high."

From Fieldname "Joe Man" - Stylelife Participant

"Style, Thanks for all this help ... The videos, audios, and pdfs rock. I have to say, from one teacher to another, 'You have a grasp of high standards and excellent materials.' ...When these things come together, then you appear to be a natural. Seeing it in person is very POWERFUL!!!"

From Fieldname "Teach" - Stylelife Participant

"I already have a girlfriend, and I have no problems with girls. So why did I do the missions? Self-improvement. I must say, it has been an incredible boost, both to my self-confidence and to how others see me. I work as a waiter, and now customers are asking for me, girls are constantly approaching me, my tips are much bigger, and people want me to join their parties all the time. Everyone want to be with me and in my inner circle, and everyone notices how good I feel about myself -- and it wasn't like this before."

From Fieldname "Racehorse" - Stylelife Participant

"Thank you Neil... You'll be remembered for this forever. This is not just another book, or a seminar. This is a really BIG deal!! One day I'll shake your hand, and find a way to really thank you for changing my life!"

From Fieldname "Grand" - Stylelife Participant

"I have done a lot of what I would consider to be intense things in my life, but in a way, this beats just about anything I've done, because it is literally changing my own perception of reality and what is really in the realm of possibility for me. I would like to live Stylelife every month."

From Fieldname "Lpie" - Stylelife Participant

"Neil Strauss has given me a gift of life. I can't describe anything better. Just THANKS."

From Fieldname "Lizard" - Stylelife Participant

Because of resource limitations we can offer this program
for limited time for only

(that's $85.5 billed monthly for your convenience, plus a one-time $50 materials/enrollment fee.)
Click below to claim one of the remaining spots in
the Style's Stylelife program.
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