Stylelife Girl: Afton

  This time around, we sent The Sneak to chat with Afton, a recent college graduate with an emphasis in textile design. As her day job, she works as a street fundraiser. So while you stress over walking up to a woman and saying hello, she’s stressing about walking up to a woman, saying hello, and actually getting a credit … Read More

Bust Through Your Calibration Sticking Point: A Fun Exercise

Calibration is a major sticking point for many people. It can be a real challenge because it’s something that you’re always doing while in the field. You never calibrate for a moment, and then forget all about it while you focus on something else. It’s like a basketball player who needs to always be aware of the ball, whether he’s … Read More

The Most Comprehensive List of Sticking Points: Is Your Dating Problem on Here?

The Stylelife coaching team recently worked with our student body to conduct a thorough examination of the sticking points that hold people back in the field. If you’re new to the area of social artistry, a “sticking point” is a hurdle or obstacle, that you just can’t seem to move beyond. Everyone has one, even the best pickup artists in … Read More

Don't Get Stuck in Conversation

Most men who have problems thinking they will “run out of material” with women actually have a deeper problem. Itʼs not that they donʼt have much to say, but rather that they simply havenʼt spoken to many people. Usually they just talk to very close friends, and when they do itʼs about topics that are so individualistic (computers, games, being … Read More

Telephone Dating Do's and Don't's

For a dedicated pickup artist, there is no technology that can replace face time with a woman. As a rule of thumb if you are face-to-face with a woman you never part in favor of a Day 2, phone call, text message, email, snail mail, or with plans to meet in your favorite MMORPG (in that order of bad ideas.) … Read More

How to use Dungeons & Dragons on a Date

How to use Dungeons & Dragons on a Date This one is for the people that want to take their nerdiness to the next level. Here’s how I talk about Dungeons & Dragons and incorporate it into my interactions (romantic and otherwise). As you may or may not know, The Sneak and I have a deep seeded love for role-playing … Read More

2 Tips on Humor and Interacting with Women

Earlier this week, we looked at the cliche of women wanting a man with a sense of humor. But just because it’s been well-proven that females don’t flock to comedians, that doesn’t mean that laughter has no place in socializing. Far from it, in fact. Stylelife counts a number of trained comedians amongst our midst, so we turned to The … Read More

Root and Deliver

A Quick Way to Overhaul Your Openers Aspiring social artists are often consumed by the idea of collecting openers. People want day game openers, night game openers, club open- ers, bar openers, lounge openers, concert open- ers, and just about any other type of opener ever conceived. The truth is you don’t need a book full of openers for every … Read More

The Simplest Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Game

You walk by the beautiful women, turn your head and over your shoulder, you ask their opinion. You tell them you can’t stay long and that you only need to ask them because you’re in an argument with your friends. Your body language is perfect. You’re standing correctly you turn at just the right time and you’re voice is loud … Read More

Marketing Techniques for Socializing

Marketing guru Seth Godin has built a career on devising innovative strategies, using new paradigms, and embracing cutting edge technology in an effort to improve the marketing efforts of his companies and others. In Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, he tackles the idea of how a business can stand out in a crowded marketplace. While this book … Read More