The Game Is Changing ... And Some "Seduction Gurus" Are Enraged And
In Arms! Some "PUAs" Are Scrambling For Cover As They Get Busted By Women!!

How To Attract and Seduce Women
Even When They Know "The Game"

"Keep reading to discover the truth
... and a meeting
behind closed doors
that changed everything ... "

From: Style's Desk

Dear Reader,

  My book was far more successful than I ever thought it would be. It helped change guys' lives, but then something strange happened: girls started reading it. And that changed a lot of other things ...


  Right now, I'm sitting with the most amazing girl I've been dating, and since we've met, and the shocking truth is NOT that she's heard one of my openers at least once a week coming from a different guy. But when they get busted (and I told her to be nice to the guys), she usually just laughs them out of the bar. All of her girlfriends and their girlfriends have also heard the same lines.

And Now Mystery Has Even A TV Show!
So, guess what:
It's NOT a Secret Society Anymore!

And that is the undeniable truth ...

But this is NOT the End! In fact quite the opposite is the case. Why?

  Back in late August, I went to a closed-door meeting in Los Angeles which is now permanently burned in my memory. This wasn't a seminar or anything like that and it didn't have many of the usual "Guru" types that you think of when you think "Seduction".

  This was more like a Real "Secret Society" of some of the best PUAs all gathered around a big table, sharing their concerns and ideas with everyone else at the table. As we were locked away in a board room on the 23rd floor of an five star hotel and started to work nonstop to put together the kind of learning program that I would have slit my wrist to have back when I was starting out in the game.

  No matter where you're at right now, whether you see yourself as shy or confident, alpha or beta, frustrated or successful, unattractive or good-looking, introverted or outgoing, it's a totally fool-proof system for acquiring my entire updated skillset, in a way that doesn't put a lot of pressure on you or your time.

  Finally - in March - we launched Stylelife - the World's First Academy For Attraction and Seduction which sold out immediately with enormous success. In the meantime, I've seen my students walking away with a girl or a group of girls for a night of fun -- without having to say the same old lines every time. That's because we're teaching them something new, something timeless, something that will never fade: How to be excellent in every way imaginable.

  But, if you want to attract almost anyone woman you’re interested in, even if they have read "The Game" there are TWO THINGS you absolutely MUST know first ... and I will share them RIGHT HERE.

  I learned, modeled, and invented the most effective elements of the game to guarantee maximum success with minimum rejection. But, like tax loopholes closing every year when the government catches on to the tricks, the game needs to be constantly refreshed, innovated, and updated. That's why we've created the only flexible, continuous, customized system that can do this. And a private Academy where just men can learn it who are accepted into the Academy.


Follow These 3 Steps For
Understanding Style's New Game

Step 1
First, Click Here (you may need to right-click and select "save target as" to download the file). Listen to a discussion between Style and Ross Jeffries on learning and the five Skills. Listen closely how they coach a student.

Step 2: Then, Click Here To Experience Evolve's Stunning Inner Game and you'll discover the amazing change that the New Game Enables inside of you.

Step 3 : Finally, Click Here and Take the Dating and Attraction Skill Test. Based on my own personal experiences, and through helping thousands of men achieve amazing results with women, I created a Web-Based, Interactive Personality Test that will answer two questions for you:

  • Analyze your dating skills
  • Tell you exactly where you fall on the national average
  • AND explain exactly what you need to do to get to the next level

  And, just as important, the Personal Profile Analysis will also tell you exactly what you need to work on to get that stunning girl in the bar, at the mall, or in the coffee shop, (where you want to be tomorrow)!

NOTE: You NEED to know this information so you can play to your strengths when interacting with women.

Why Am I Giving This Away?

  Because I have to! In my New York Times Bestselling Book, “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists,” I chronicled the transformation I made from a dateless writer to a guy the media has named “the world’s best pickup artist.”

  Because of the flood of requests I’ve received from guys looking to make the same changes, I’ve spent the last several years teaching dating and attraction workshops all over the world -– helping thousands of guys just like you overcome approach anxiety, get past their sticking points, stay out of the “friend zone”, and master the game.

  Here’s the secret: There is a SYSTEM that works almost EVERY TIME. And, as promised, here are those two questions you need to know:

1. Where do I stand today in the eyes of women?
2. What, specifically, do I need to change to get to where I want to be tomorrow?

As for question 1: You will find out where you stand when you take the test above (Step 3).
Regarding question 2: The program we desgined at the Stylelife Academy is providing you every day with a new mission that helps you change a little bit more into your best self.

But Spaces Are Always Limited ... Stylelife and Seminars

Spots in my Stylelife Academy of Attraction Arts & Sciences SOLD OUT the day they went on sale, the last Stylelife Conference and Seminar was SOLD OUT after just 5 days! But I’m working to expand my coaching time to make room for all the requests from guys who want to get in. But they always fill quickly.

Why? Let's listen to what some students have to say:

Video Link 2

Video Link 3

Video Link 4

Now if you think about it ...


You can pass this up now if you think there's another deal out there that might better suit you, or you think you can find something better or even cheaper. But that means that tomorrow is going to be the same as today is going to be the same as yesterday and every other day before it.

However, if you click on the "Get Started Now" button below, then the adventure begins RIGHT NOW and by this time tomorrow, your life will actually have taken a sharp turn into a much more wonderful and exciting place.

This is one of those moments where your life really can change based on the decision you make right now. If you put it off, you have no one to blame but yourself - again. But if you go through with it, if you actually do this, you will be one of those guys sharing the stories of all-nighters with beautiful women that other guys will be pounding one out to alone. Remember: there is no risk. There is no downside. You can stop whenever you want. Life awaits. I await. She awaits.

Are you ready to invest into your future? See you on the other side...

My best wishes for your success.

PS: One thing you absolutely need to have if you’re going to be part of the Stylelife family:

“Top Ten Mistakes Men Make With Women
– and Exactly What To Do Instead!”

This valuable guide breaks down the biggest mistakes men make when trying to attract a woman, and gives you the secrets to making the best first impression with her, and her friends, to have the best chances GETTING HER TO WANT YOU.

I will get this to you as well. Okay?

I invite you to get started today. Get to know more about yourself, have fun, and learn the proven secrets to attracting, dating and seducing the women you truly desire.

I’m looking forward to transferring the knowledge about women I have in MY head into yours. But, first, you need to find out where YOU stand compared to the competition ... and what you need to do to beat them at their own game