The Power of Reciprocation

If you’ve ever consumed a free sample, and then purchased the product, you’ve experienced the power of reciprocation first hand. If you give someone something, then they are inclined to give back. It’s unavoidable; human nature. So how does reciprocation apply to the social matrix? There are times that gifts are appropriate in a relationship. Countless friendships and romances included … Read More

Why You’re Not Getting Attraction

Are You Really Practicing Social Skills? Today we want to you answer these four questions that will help you with your practice. Is your practice unfocused? Communication is a skill. Like any skill-set, there are drills and techniques that help you learn the universal principles of the art form. One of the most common pitfalls students run into is practicing without a focus on … Read More

Storytelling Like A Pro

Have you ever been to a party where there was some person who was soaking up all the attention in the room just by telling a few stories? A person who captivated audiences at social events with a few details about their lives? Ever wondered how you could tell stories that have the same effect? The answer: Practice your stories. Everyone has … Read More

Two Value Building Items For Every Wardrobe

As you know, your clothes speak volumes, because what you wear is an extension of your identity, and that affects your personal attractiveness. The right outfit can have people coming up to you without a word and engaging in conversations. It’s almost like magic. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the winter weather is still here, and in … Read More

Quick Confidence Boosters for Making Approaches

There’s this trick the coaches and I have learned over the past few years of teaching bootcamps that can boost your confidence just enough to get you approaching. This trick, if done right before you walk into a set, can give you a boost of confidence that will get you talking to beautiful women. The best thing about this trick … Read More

Why an Indirect Approach is Almost Always Best

Have you found yourself contemplating the difference between a ‘direct’ approach and an ‘indirect’ approach? Have you engaged in philosophical debates about the subject in online forums? Then here’s a scientific answer for you… If you’re interested in seeing how science proves Stylelife strategies, check out: Attraction & Seduction Study Series But first, let’s address one thing. At Stylelife, we … Read More

The Science of Love

Now we come to the conclusion of our four-part series. We’ve taught you about the science of attraction, the science of seduction and the science of love. All very different things underpinning the various stages of dating. Now it’s time to talk about what the ultimate goal of your dating life — the science of love. Getting a woman to … Read More

The Science of a First Kiss

Attraction is Scientifically Based and Facilitated: A Multi-Part Series Exploring the Connections Between the Lab and the Real World Understanding the science behind attracting women is great. In fact, it’s where you need to begin when it comes to meeting women. However, you want to meet more women because you’re looking for something more than just good conversation. It is … Read More

Science of Attraction: Chemistry is Not an Accident

Attraction is Scientifically Based and Facilitated: A Multi-Part Series Exploring the Connections Between the Lab and the Real World We coached a biochemist in one of our recent bootcamps, and what he told us blew our mind. Research shows a direct connection between what happens on a molecular level in a woman’s brain when she is becoming attracted to a … Read More