Don't Be Average on a Dinner Date

Creativity and Good Conversation are the Keys to a Successful Dinner Date. Be the Exception. A social artist needs to be the exception at all times. He needs to be able to think outside the box and envision creative and exciting ways to show a woman that he stands apart from the crowd, but there are some dates, such as … Read More

How to Get to Know Someone Better: Themes for Conversational Flexibility

Some socially intelligent people prefer to think more in terms of “themes” than routines as that provides a tremendous amount of conversational flexibility. Thing is, many people talk about themes that don’t hold value for the particular person or people they’re speaking with. Let’s use a conversation about relationships – an all-time favorite social topic. Let’s say you’re the conversation … Read More

The Values of Finance While Dating

Money remains an odd topic in our society. As a culture, we idolize millionaires and billionaires, we watch shows like MTV’s Cribs and VH1’s The Fabulous Life, and all the Hollywood reality shows, and we memorize intricate details of salary cap hits for the number one draft pick’s contract. But in spite of our financial obsession, money is still a … Read More

The Most Comprehensive List of Sticking Points: Is Your Dating Problem on Here?

The Stylelife coaching team recently worked with our student body to conduct a thorough examination of the sticking points that hold people back in the field. If you’re new to the area of social artistry, a “sticking point” is a hurdle or obstacle, that you just can’t seem to move beyond. Everyone has one, even the best pickup artists in … Read More

How to Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Emma writes… Being swept off your feet: We can’t stop thinking about him, bringing up his name in conversation or replaying his sweet words over and over again. Every story and every topic brought to conversation relates back to the guy we can’t stop thinking about. We can’t get the guy out of our head – thinking about him in … Read More

The Second Date

Emma writes… As I thought about what precipitates a second date, I decided to call in reinforcements. For me, first impressions are everything. If I am not completely enamored with someone on the first date, I cannot bring myself to see him again. A mediocre date means I’m on to the next person. However, after years of asking men and … Read More

Compatibility Test: Get To Know A Potential Partner

Have you ever been with someone who seemed ideal in the beginning of your relationship and then later—sometimes much later—you realized were definitely not meant to be together? Several years ago I was in a long-term relationship with a woman I was convinced was my soul mate. I told anyone who would listen that she was “the one.” We laughed … Read More