Your Personal Approach Anxiety Remedy

A few days ago I was meeting with a friend who was dealing with some seriously bad approach  anxiety. I wanted to know what he’d done to try and solve this problem. He said, he’d tried the three–second–rule, but it wasn’t working for him. I asked him exactly how he felt when he wanted to approach, and it turns out that the step itself … Read More

Is Being Alone Bad For Your Health?

As a dating coach, the issue of loneliness is one that comes up a lot. The only remedy is a combination of getting out there, facing your fears, talking to new people, building memories, having adventures and cultivating friendships. That said, we don’t often talk about the subject of loneliness in detail. So, let’s stop ignoring this issue and take … Read More

How To Troubleshoot You Sticking Points

Ready to troubleshoot your social intelligence skills? Here are some tips… 1. Learn to Learn. The most important skill you can have, in the social intelligence and in life, is to know how to learn. If you are going out every day and doing the same thing over and over, just hoping one day that it will start working, then … Read More