The Cologne (or Perfume) Opener

The sense of smell is tied strongly to our memories. In fact, some researchers suggest that the sense of smell is the most evocative sense we have. When interacting with people, the way that you smell can make or break an interaction. With the Cologne Opener, you can open a set while obtaining valuable information and critiques. Instructions: Before you … Read More

The Jealous Girlfriend Opener

The Jealous Girlfriend opener is one of the first openers that most people test out after first reading The Game. Behind every opener or conversation starter, there is a principle. It holds true whether you know what you’re doing or not. It holds true regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or the environment. To start a conversation with strangers, the person … Read More

What’s After the Opener

How to Transition from One Routine to the Next To stomp down approach anxiety and open is no easy feat. There is a second hurdle that awaits just beyond delivering the opener. A good opener gets people talking but then the conversation runs out of steam. An awkward hush falls over the group as your mind scrambles for the next … Read More