How To Gamify Your Social Skills

Growing up, I was obsessed with Spy novels; John La Carre and Ian Fleming were among my favorites authors. So, when Neil asked me to come up with some spy-like social games for one of his Society Intensives, I couldn’t have been more excited. Today, I want to share one of those games with you as an example of something you could go out … Read More

How To Track Your Progress In Social Interactions

This past year, I’ve been more into fitness than ever before in my life. I love the feeling of incremental successes. Of slowly, gaining strength and endurance; being able to lift one more pound of weight or shaving one second off my mile. I keep track of everything. Every workout documented, regular checkups from the doctor, and a strict diet. … Read More

Play the Point System for Socializing Fun

In the initial stages, after the opener, your main goal is to create a comfortable situation, while building value. To do this we have a few notable techniques at our disposal like: DHVs, Storytelling, Playful games and challenges. Even with this knowledge, it can still be confusing to memorize a bunch of different routines and their uses. That is why … Read More