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Default I've been a winner for a while now...

This is the first few times I've been on Stylelife, but I've been in the game for a while now, ever since reading the book. I also read Mystery Method, and have since been applying the techniques when I am out.

I noticed results right away, and they have, of course, continued to work. So what I'm going to do is post an older LR of mine, from when I began using the techniques. This talks about a date I had set up, and the events that occured on said date. If this does not qualify, as I wasn't actually doing the "Stylelife" challenge, let me know, and I'll pull a girl using the required method. Thank you everyone, especially you Style!

-Original Post-
LR: Bikes, scratch marks, and being in control

OK, this is kind of a continuation of a previous post, "Wouldn't call it a sarge", where I almost got a fool's mate with a HB8.5, but it just didn't work out that night.

Anyway, I hadn't seen this girl since that night, which was like a week and a half ago, cause she left town, then i left town right after she got back. Before I left though, she told me on the phone "i want you so bad", so I knew there wasn't an issue getting her, all I had to do was not do anything wrong, and I was money.

So the night we went out, I called and told her to have her skirt pressed and heels ready, and we weould go for a bike ride (motorcycle, not bicycle, that's gay), and whatever else I decided we would do. I said this very matter of fact, not forceful, but certainly not asking, because she's very sexual and I could tell that she liked that kind of thing. Actually, if the forum is right, all girls do, but anyway...

We get drinks, I make sure to always lead the conversation, as little pausing as possible. She's eaten the whole "I'm the prize" thing up from the night I met her, and I have to say, that makes the entire process a downhill coast. Anyone who has ever had anything to say about that, KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT!! Make it so that you are the one being chased. Make her feel lucky to be getting your time. I know this is a basic concept, but seriously, it's unreal how quickly the game turns around when you are what she wants, and you are still deciding if she's what you want.

So drinks, conversation, she's making sexual innuendo, which I reward, then move right into another story/topic. Then I take her to a spot under a bridge we have here. It's like a little fishing spot with a couple of benches and it's nice, plus we were the only ones there, so it worked out well. She's escalating the making out and i tell her I'm gonna go one more place to make her wait just a little longer.

Another drink, and we go to my place. I get her very hot and bothered, then pull away to make a playlist on the computer, again, staying just out of reach after I've got her in the mood, cat string...no doubt.

So I finally let her get her prize. We change positions a few times before we even get our clothes off, grinding to the music, etc. I tell her what to do the entire time, and again, she eats it up. I don't know if it's all girls, or more the girls that are very comfortable with their sexuality, but she LOVED to be told what to do. When she was taking off my pants, and got to the zipper, I said "no...with your teeth", by the end of the whole experience, she was saying "yes sir", which I have to admit, really turned me on about her.

So we get underway, and she's freakin crazy! I love it! Screaming, biting, nails, dirty talk, all that. I read one on of the "best of" posts, "10 uncomfortable truths" I think, that the first time you have sex it sets the pace for the rest of the times, and if you leave her feeling like she's had a religious experience, you can get away with almost anything. Well she felt that way for sure. For all her talk beforehand about how "I better be ready" and what not, afterward she said I made her feel like an amateur. Nice.

So, we are going about an hour, she's worn out, so we take a shower. I have always loved showers with a girl. No condom in the shower makes you restrain to a degree, but the sensuality of the water and total nudity makes for a lovely experience. That's always been one of my favorite things.
We get dressed, still very happy with each other, big smiles, kissing, etc. I take her home and she's softly scratching my back and legs the whole time.

On a side note, It's been my experience that a motorcycle is an excellent tool for a pua. It forces kino, as they have to hang on to you, plus girls LOVE bikes. I don't even think it matters what kind of bike, so long as it's got a motor and you ride it, your status goes up in her mind. The only times I've seen any different is if they have a family member or friend that died or got hurt on one, then it might be different, but in general, girls love it, major DHV.

Anyway, I get her home, we say our goodbyes. She says she had a great time and can't wait to get together again, I agree. Then I told her that she had to call me the next time she wanted to hang out, to which she again said "yes sir"
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